Midnight Delight takes sexual healthy very seriously.

It is a requirement if law that all our ladies are tested for STIs on a quarterly basis.

Without Health Certificates lady cant work.

We provide discreet car parking at the rear of our building locate on left hand of FIREHORSE LANE.

100% Genius and recent taken by Midnight Delight management and at our venue

You can visit Midnight Delight at your leisure....always.
There are no obligation to visit but you are more than welcome to stay. You will meet all ladies available each time.
Midnight Delight have never closed.
We open 365 days, Cheers!

Upon visiting Midnight Delight’ Parramatta Gentleman Club, A friendly receptionist will show you to our private rooms where ladies greeting one by one.
You feel free to talk and ask any questions, to pick lady you like. Also ask for high recommendation from Receptionist about Lady’s character and service if needed.
After the payment, the time only start when service staring from lady.

The costs listed on SERVICE- FEES is not include GFE, if our ladies offer their add on services to you, it is not because Midnight Delight have made them offer it, it because they want to not have to... kiss you

Couples are welcome at MIDNIGHT DELIGHT.
On arrival, out friendly staffs will welcome you in and had you both meet the ladies one by one, discuss with each lady you seem to experiences and what your rules are. Our ladies will do best to ensure you have a good time to remember.
There are different styles of threesome:

  • Three of you play with each other ( Three-way)
  • Both ladies focus on the male partner only ( straight threesome)
  • The man & Midnight Delight lady focuses on the female partner only ( Be- threesome).

We accept:

  • Cash

The management at Midnight Delight- Parramatta Gentlemen Club has developed a Covid-19 Safety Plan to help create and maintain a safe environment for our clients, ladies, and support staff. These procedures are in place to reassure you that you may visit our premises 24 hours per day, 7 days per week without concern or worry. We have strictly followed all current COVID-19 Public Health Orders and also minimised all risks in accordance with existing work, health, and safety laws.

We have imposed the following requirements to keep everyone safe while visiting our premises.

We will keep a record of the first name and contact number or e-mail address for all our clients, ladies, and support staff for a period of 28 days before disposing of it. This is just an additional safety precaution for the purposes of tracing COVID-19 infections and will be stored confidentially and securely. We will make everyone aware of the COVID-19 Safe app and its benefits to support contact tracing if required.

We have displayed conditions of entry at our reception. Any client, lady or support staff who is unwell is not permitted to enter the premises. Each client & lady will need to be checked with a forehead thermometer upon entry. Any client, lady or support staff who has returned from overseas or Melbourne within 14 days is not permitted to enter the premises. Our ladies and support staff have been provided with information and training on COVID-19 including physical distancing and extensive cleaning.

We have adopted all recommended hygiene practices. We will provide hand sanitiser at multiple locations throughout the premises. We will maintain disinfectant solutions at an appropriate strength and in accordance with manufacturers instructions. We will clean frequently touched areas and surfaces several times per day with a disinfectant solution or wipe. All surfaces touched will be cleaned with a 100% hospital grade disinfectant solution between each client. All towels and bed sheets will be laundered in boiling hot water between each client. We will ensure all bathrooms are well stocked with hand soap and paper towels and have posters with instructions on how to wash hands. We will provide disinfectant surface wipes to clean equipment such as monitors, phones, keyboards, ATM terminals etc. We will remove non disposable alcohol from public access.



Would you like to get more information, Write Us.